Tuesday, April 20, 2010

seriously , ii dnt qet it

well for one thinq ii dnt qet is how thee dumbest bloqs qet thee most comments &nd followers ! anyways if u feel thee same way comment this &nd ill cmmnt urs ; so that we can make a point &nd so that we can help eachother qet more followers and comments. soo comment me and ill comment me &nd follow me and ill follow u .

1 comment:

  1. heyo. nope i sure don't feel the same way, but hey, you seem like a smart cookie (not puttin' your name out here ^_^). that's toastly awesomeish. one way to get ppl reeled in to post more...i see you have only one? but it's recent. cool. post more. it's fun. esp. when you see that other ppl have left comments. lol I've got quite a few blogs of my own. and all pretty recent.

    <3 yay! first follower! (ps. if I were you...if you haven't already, make sure you can moderate the comments b4 they come in so no one writes anything you don't want them to.)